Living Your Best Life


All over personal development forums, yoga retreats, and life coaching websites, we come across words such as, “Live Your Best Life Ever.” It seems that everyone knows a secret for us humans to live our best lives, however I see that one person or a group has found what works for them, and wants to share it with others. This combination of passion and purpose, passion is for our inner worlds, and purpose is how we can use this fire to serve others, is inspiring. However, what works for one person, group, or company, may not work for everyone. In fact, it may only be their path- isn’t it a bit far out to think that what works for us would work for all people?

We all come from different cultural backgrounds, spiritual paths, ancestral lines, conditioning, education, experience, and we each have our own unique genetic and astrological blueprints we came into this lifetime with. How could what works for one person or even a group work for each of us? Is there any practice that works for every person, cross culturally, regardless of privilege, education, and upbringing, that can lead us to living a life that is free and fulfilling? My personal background would say, well, there is yoga, and meditation, qi gong and tai chi, martial arts, dance, performance arts, visual arts, western psychology and traveling, that have worked for me, or intellectually resonate with my path. However, there is a reason why cross culturally, we have seen different groups of people share their own spiritual, creative, and scientific paths to living a life fulfilled- because we each speak our own language. Although we are all human, with more similarities than differences in our day to day experience of human life, we each have our own unique imprint on this world, which reveals our own path to living the best life for ourselves.

What I love about the path of yoga, meditation, and light work, is that the most important message to take from it all is that we are our own gurus. The best way to live our best lives is by following our own intuition, regardless of what other people, society, or circumstances feel about it. As we sharpen our intuitive intellect, it becomes easier and easier to continue living in the state of flow that is our lives, because we become one with our own inner guidance. There are tons of tips about how to eat healthier, or what exercises to do, or even which spiritual practices are best for your development. The truth is, all paths lead to the same place, the place we call home. Exploring several paths works for some people, committing to one works for others. Seated meditation may be for some, yet playing basketball may create space for flow in others. As well, bits and pieces from several aspects of personal development and spirituality may resonate with others. Honoring the words, actions, and feelings that resonate with us on a core level is the building blocks to reigniting our intuition to return to our natural, flow, state. There are over 7 billion spiritual paths to take, and the one that works is the one that works for you, the one that you are able to commit to, through the understanding that everything offered in this life is here to help us. So, go ahead and live your best life, and if you are looking for guidance, I am here to serve my purpose in offering the practices that have worked for me, because they may resonate with you, igniting your return home to your own intuitive nature. For more information, visit,

Lexi Faith