How to Become a Traveling Yoga Teacher


For many people, teaching yoga seems to be a way to share a spiritual, physical, and completely transformative practice, all while traveling the world. After traveling to over 40 countries, many of which I did not know the culture, language, or anyone there yet, I found ways to sustain my travels by sharing this practice. I have spent the past three years living nomadically sharing art and spiritual practices, including teaching yoga. I feel honored to share my tips on becoming a traveling yoga teacher!

1. Online Resources!

Traveling is a lot easier these days due to online resources, blogs, and facebook groups. There are several opportunities to find yoga teaching jobs online, such as on & For work exchange opportunities, check out & There are tons of resorts, hotels, and yoga retreat centers that offer space for you to teach in exchange for room and accomodation. As well, there are several opportunities on facebook groups such as this one. These days there are tons of paid, volunteer, and work exchange opportunities teach while traveling around the world!

2. Work Exchange:

Resorts, Studios, and Retreat Centers all around the world are always looking for yoga teachers for exchange or paid positions. In the beginning, doing work exchange in which you receive food and accomodation in exchange for teaching yoga is a great way to travel, immerse yourself into a new culture, and gain experience as a new teacher. I used to meet people and ask if they offer work exchange opportunities to share yoga at their restaurant or shala space in exchange for accommodation and/or food when I first started traveling and teaching. You would be surprised how many people would love to have this exchange with you!

3. Workshops, privates, and Retreats:

For teachers with more experience, I recommend doing the inner work to shine and share your gifts with the community you are already traveling in. Offering workshops, privates, and retreats are a great way to share your gifts while offering the opportunity for others to travel and learn yoga as well!

4. Create a Professional CV

Believe it or not, I have actually had potential employers tell me that my CV was too professional to teach at their beachside resort in India. Having a professional CV, even if you don’t have a ton of experience, is essential to landing jobs that can sustain you. Be sure you include volunteer experience, experience in resorts, studios, and with any other organizations you have shared your services with! Personally, I felt called to share yoga and meditation with refugees, so I spent some of my time around Asia and Europe teaching at refugee camps, because I felt inspired to share the gift of meditation with those that may not feel particularly grounded. Follow those calls and share your gifts with those you feel inspired to share with!

5. Get Creative

There are a ton of ways to teach yoga and travel beyond retreats and studio drop ins. Teaching with NGOs, Schools, Day Care, Kids Yoga, Private Yoga, in health centers, in the park, at hotels- the options are limitless. The benefits of yoga and meditation are cross cultural, so follow your calling and serve where you feel your services are needed the most.

6. Yoga Teacher Trainings

For thoses that are experienced yoga teachers, offering your skills in a teacher training, either one of your own or one run by another company, is a great way to share your services and travel. Many people opt to take a teacher training abroad, thus, as a teacher, holding space for month long yoga teacher training courses are a great way to teach while traveling!

Lexi Faith