What is Intuitive Arts


The arts are the clearest path into truth.

What I mean by this, is that no other language gives us access to our subconscious in such a profound way. Through both visual arts and expressive arts, we can access dimensions of our consciousness not previously known. Through writing, we can discover limiting belief patterns, dreams, and thought patterns, and work together to integrate them into your life. Expressive arts offer us an opportunity to use our bodies as an instrument, a vessel for creation. Visual arts offer an opportunity for self-expression without words. Personally, the path of the artist has been profoundly life-changing, as the arts offered me an opportunity for self-discoery and actually led me to yoga and meditation in the first place.

I offer different techniques taken from my training as an actor, dancer, and artist at some of the leading art schools in New York City. We will use acting methods to guide you to use your voice and body as an instrument, and your breath as your anchor. By fine-tuning ourselves, we empower ourselves in our unique self-expression.

To reconnect with our wild, intuitive nature, I offer a unique practice that uses our bodies as the paintbrush, music as our guide, and various mediums for self-expression. By dancing in the nude, as women we are offered an opportunity to reconnect with our natural bodies through our sensuality. Many women are only connected to themselves in the nude during sex or bathing. This practice reconnects women with their natural bodies as a creative force, as a paintbrush. By incorporating elements of music and dance, we allow our human-instrument to express itself in our truth.

Women have the power of life within us, and through the arts, we can access this creative force. Through the visual arts, I offer a yoni-painting workshop, in which you can either draw a self portrait, or an imagined portrait of their yoni, decorating it however you feel. This practice reconnects us to the core of our creative power, the yoni. By honoring her through our own creative expression, we can begin to open a dialogue with her and discover how we truly feel about our yonis and our creative expression.

These are two of the profound practices I offer to guide women to reconnect to their intuition. Through the expressive arts, we can begin to understand our personal limitations and through authentic self expression we can discover our truth, which can only lead us to living a life fully free!

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Lexi Faith