The Power of Zero to Manifest

There is so much information circling around regarding manifestation, how it really works, etc. I am sharing one aspect of manifesting that really inspired me, which I continue to use and hear stories for how it can be used in this way.

The power of zero. When we have nothing to lose, everything is ours. You may have heard something like this before, yeah?

I discovered this while I was traveling, I began meeting travelers who lived on a tight budget but were still able to make their dreams of traveling the world come true, and I was one of them. While I traveled in India and around the world, I lived on 5 dollars a day, did work-exchange, lived in ashrams

& monasteries, hitch-hiked, and camped around the world, which I mostly did it through the power of my mind. In fact, for 6 months, I didn’t even own a phone, and the way i connected with friends was by sending them loving thoughts. Once every week or two I would pop into an internet cafe to email my family and let them know I was alive. In the day and age of globalization, modern technology, and social media, traveling has become just as easy as buying household needs on amazon. We see a place we want to go, and boom, we can go at an affordable price. However, traveling really taught me to live the spiritual path I was so called to, which meant releasing modern “conveniences” and rely on my own natural empathy and intelligence to guide the way for me. I learned to trust my intuition, and most importantly, I learned to manifest everything in my life that I may need, either through trade, prayer, gifting, or any other type of energy exchange.

Okay, so how can we do this?

We start with calming the nervous system. When we are calm, everything finds us. When we are not calm, life still comes to us, but our scattered energy produces scattered results. Meditation, Yoga, Art, Dance, Walking, or any other activity that helps you to return to your center is the most important aspect of manifestation. As we center in and ground into our being-ness, we actually create space for creative thinking and shifts in consciousness. This practice enables us to manifest everything we want, because once we commit to ourselves, there is no other option- unless we allow it through fear, which is why it is so important to have grounding exercises.

My favorite grounding exercise is walking in nature, solo hiking or along the beach somewhere, sitting down and meditating. Begin by watching the breath, feel into your body, and sit with anything that arises without reacting to it. As well, adding pranayama, kriya, and asana into a daily routine helps me to ground my energy and stay focused.

Lexi Faith