The Value in Chanting Mantras


I know that chanting mantras can be SUPER intimidating at first, it was for me anyways. Between wanting to pronounce each word correctly and understand the meaning, to gaining confidence to dive deep into the experience of sound healing that takes place as we chant, this journey to self through voice activation is one many of us face. When we are living in fear, our bodies hold on to unnecessary tension, and our throats close up, resulting in an inability to fully express ourselves. This practice came from years of conditioning, when we were told to be quiet in school, or when we felt fear expressing our wants, needs, and desires to our partners, family members, or even at work. I have found chanting Sanskrit mantras to be a medicine in releasing entangled fear and opening up our throat chakras, allowing free expression, creativity, and clarity, which translates in class, and most importantly, in our daily lives.

Chanting mantras is actually good for your health. Science has shown the positive effects of vibration on water molecules, plants, animals, as well as on our own consciousness. We have all heard about the effects of positive thinking, however, effects of chanting Sanskrit mantras move even deeper due to their vibrational quality. Ancient rishis discovered mantras as they appeared from the field of silence during meditation, thus their vibration is the frequency of the universal life force that arises from within this field. Dis-ease arises from stress, which is when our brains are releasing beta waves. Counter-acting these brain waves with mantra changes the wiring of synapses within our brains, meaning that as new connections are made, old ones die out. As well, since mantra is created from the field of silence, they operate on theta and delta waves, which create relaxed feelings in our minds.

Mantras work with both vibration and intention. For example, mantra that is used with an intention to heal, meaning its' vibrational quality inherently emits this frequency, along with the intention of its use, work together to shift the energetic field into one of healing and wholeness. Each mantra has a unique intention and devotional meaning, thus creating different shifts in energy and consciousness. 'Intention' is the conscious movement of energy, so practicing utilizing this movement with the sounds of silence of Sanskrit mantras is a powerful tool in shifting ones’ energy state.

Chanting Mantras are an invaluable practice of self mastery because they work through vibration, which is the core essence that creates our lives within and around us. Through practicing mantra chanting, we can reconstruct our inside worlds, to create a masterpiece of our outside worlds.

There are four main aspects to chanting mantras which allow them to really have their power. These are Bhava, meaning the attitude; intention; sound current or tone, which is called the Naad in Sanskrit; and ucharana, meaning "correct pronunciation." The attitude in which you approach a mantra reflects its' energetic value of this mantra, which has the power to shift our vibration. This, combined with an intention, which is understood through the translation, creates a powerful vibrational shift in our consciousness. Intentionally using the sound current of a mantra along with the pronunciation of the words reaps the full rewards of mantra chanting.

Kriya Yoga uses mantras, breathwork, and repetitive movements to create a moving meditation which shift consciousness in minutes. Mantras are incredibly powerful in generating this electricity and transforming it into presence. Science and spirituality both agree that the world is created by frequency, vibration, and energy in motion, and mantras are a tool to harness this power. To learn more about kriya yoga, connect with me at my upcoming retreats!

Lexi Faith