My Story

With a background in theater, fine arts, yoga and meditation for over 10 years, I have committed my life to sharing creativity, play, and presence through Ancient Tantric and Vedantic Yogic techniques after studying in India for over three years. I am passionate about integrating ancient cultures and wisdom into a modern lifestyle through the arts. After traveling off the beaten path for over three years, hitch-hiking, camping, teaching, painting, and collaborating with healers and artists around the world, I am now dedicated to sharing all that I have learned about travel, integration into "foreign" cultures, the arts, and the healing arts, with anyone with honest inquiry. I offer one on one private yoga classes and coaching sessions online and in person when permitting, in which I will curate a personalized sadhana for your unique needs. I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years, and have been eating vegan for over 11 years, both of which opened me up to a lifestyle of holistic health and wellness since childhood. When I am not serving or traveling, my favorite things to do are trekking, practicing and sharing yoga and meditation, painting, acting, and creating upcycled clothes from textiles gathered throughout her travels. For more on her personal art page, click here.

“I see the inside world as a garden, which we have the conscious choice to sow with any plants we like. Without daily practice and personal care to our inner garden, we leave it up to the unpredictable winds, rains, and forest fires to shift the landscape, free of our creative will. It is our birthright to live a beautiful and fulfilling life, guided by our soul's purpose. However, many of us unknowingly allow these elements to shift our perception of our outer worlds, creating dissonance with our natural path.

Through the practice of Kriyas, which are ancient tantric techniques using mantra, breathwork, and repetition to create moving meditations that generate electricity and raise our vibrational frequency, we can quickly shift into a higher state of consciousness. Western science now agrees that memories get trapped in our DNA at the cellular level. Through the use of Kriya Yoga, we can bring these memories to the surface to highlight, edit, and delete them from our cellular structure by releasing trauma, blocked emotions, and habitual thought patterns that no longer serve our evolution.

Music, theater, dance, writing, and fine arts have been the building blocks of culture ad millennia. Tapping into our creativity requires the ability to pause, breathe, and respond as there are infinite expressions of life we may choose to share. As we tap into our creativity, we allow our purpose to shine through from a state of being. Combined with holistic nutrition and Ayurveda, radical alignment in yoga asana, Vedantic meditation techniques, Tantric practices, and the expressive arts therapies, we can transform ourselves from the inside, out.” - Lexi Faith

My Story:

I was born in New York City and I have been an artist my entire life. Throughout the years, I have explored fashion design, painting, drawing, theater, dance, and music. While attending the FAME school- LaGuardia High School- for fine arts, my passion for performance brought me to study at the Stella Adler Conservatory, the Lee Strasberg Institute, the Atlantic Theater Company, and the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, while  performing in off-broadway plays, independent films, and commercial work in NYC. The theater was the first safe space I discovered where I could express myself freely, and be celebrated for my presence. This brought me to discover my dharma of leading people from living in the mind, to the heart.

Although I practiced hatha yoga and meditated while in theater school and in drop in yoga classes, as I grew in my yoga journey, I discovered that I could create the safe space I once discovered in the theater in the cosmic theater of life with yoga. "Success” for me is defined as sharing my talents creatively, intellectually, and spiritually in such a way that inspires others to discover their true selves, while supporting myself and those around me in any way I can. Both the arts and the healing arts have shown me the path of freedom, self expression, and joy. I later studied and worked in the Theater Department at CU Boulder, where I received my Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Psychology and Sociology and a double minor in Theater and Technology, Media, and Arts. After graduating from University in 2015, I embarked on a solo around-the-world backpacking trip, which ignited my passion for culture, spirituality, world arts, social activism, and human connection through love.

I traveled the world learning about culture and spirituality through the eyes of the Mayans in Guatemala, the Q'eros and the Shipibo tribes in Peru, Buddhist monks in India, Nepal, and Myanmar, and Yoga Masters in India. While living in India I studied at several ashrams, lived in temples, and practiced yoga, meditation, and pranayama for 2-7 hours a day, absorbing as much as I could about the ancient knowledge of the rishis over the course of 1.5 years. For these years, my yoga practice included renouncing my previously materialistic (yet highly creative) lifestyle, and opted for a way to creatively live on $5 USD a day, while hitchhiking, camping, and volunteering my time and skills with several organizations. I learned how to create the life I wanted to live, and to truly live my life to its' fullest by absolutely trusting myself. This took more than a dollop of radical courage, which may seem easy for someone in their early 20s, but I have made it my mission to guide others to reconnect with themselves and their own highest wisdom so that all beings may reap the benefits of fully trusting our hearts and living by intuition. 

While training as a figure skater I stumbled upon my first yoga asana class at age 11 and knew there was something in it for me. Call it a past life memory or whatever you want, but I knew deep in my soul that this was my path (I also knew I would be going to India by the time I was 12, however that story is for another time). My father is a disciple at a Buddhist Temple based in NYC, which greatly influenced my spiritual upbringing.

As I continued on this path, participating in asana classes and meditations throughout my teen and early adult years, I felt the call to teach this practice, which brought me to take my first 200 Hour YTTC in India in 2016. After traveling around the world for 2 more years, teaching yoga in NGOs, retreat centers, and hotels, and painting murals throughout the 40+ countries I visited, I returned to New York City to re-explore my passion for performance. Although I received SAG eligibility for my acting work, and I was teaching at several studios, something still felt off. I took the plunge and followed my heart once again to India, where I completed a total of 1000 hours of TTCs in various styles of yoga and completed my Usui and Karuna Reiki Masterships.

With a love for Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, and Yoga therapy, and a passion for the arts, it still felt there was a missing link between the two. While living in Rishikesh, I experienced a powerful Kundalini awakening period, followed by a healing period, during which a friend brought me to see his Guru, Anand Mehrotra, to study at Sattva Yoga Academy. Here I completed 500 hours of Himalayan Tantric Kundalini Yoga Training, which incorporates the ancient kriya yoga techniques of Paramahansa Yogananda, with a modern twist. With these techniques, I found a safe space to express myself with the breath, voice, and movement that so similarly resembled my first home: the theater. However, this new home used practices that are applicable to the theater of life through the integration of all eight limbs of yoga. By using the Kriyas to embody the energies of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, and the asanas to reconnect with our animal nature, I finally found a practice that integrated my passions for yoga, philosophy, and the arts. This experience led me to share my practice one on one, in workshops, and retreats that combine the healing physical approach of yoga therapy, and the transformative technique of Sattva Yoga, with the creative methods of expressive arts.

lexi traub