How To Practice Yoga Daily


Practicing yoga daily does not necessarily mean practicing asana each morning. This is a dear message from my heart because everything that we experience on our mat is something that we need to continue in our daily lives. Have you ever just had a really bad day where you felt irritated by absolutely everything? Perhaps you then go to your choice of yoga class, unroll your mat, and notice how everything melts away? The power of asana is intense. But the way it makes you feel afterward is what truly matters, in my opinion. When you finish your practice, nothing seems to matter anymore. So why do we have such a hard time carrying that with us into the real world? Why can’t we seem to keep that inner peace when our outside world is seemingly so negative? What stops us from bringing our light into the darkness?

If you have ever experienced anything like this above, then this article is perfect for you. I have compiled a few topics and ways in which you can continue to carry your love and light with you after you leave your mat. Yoga is so much more than the physical asana, yoga is a way of life! 

Non-attachment In Your Life

I have some challenges for you that I practiced during my training that helped me immensely. When you’re in traffic next, and someone cuts you off, rather than boiling up with anger and taking it personally, make it an exercise to open your mind to the possibilities of what might be going on for them that they would do such a thing. I personally like to say that maybe they were rushing to the hospital, or someone’s significant other was giving birth, or they too were late for work. Whatever the reason may be, let us all make the shift right NOW to not take it personal, and release it into the world. May we all continue to keep finding little ways you can take in the external world and release it from your personal heart.

Sharing The Love

We will often come across events that may trigger us. Firstly, let’s take this as an opportunity to dive deeper into self love, and notice which reflection of ourselves need more presence. Secondly, I recommend that you tell yourself that you have nothing but love for them. I worked in customer service for years and have dealt the many faces of humanity. The one thing that kept my sanity was telling myself, ‘I have nothing but love for them’. It was amazing how quickly my fire of anger dissipated when I watered it down with love rather than pouring gasoline of negativity on it! It’s all about what you choose to do to live a more peaceful life!


This is the biggest and most important point because meditation is the only way you can truly stay connected to your breath on and off the mat. Each morning, you can take 5 minutes of your time to close your eyes and follow your breath. Visualize the inhale and exhale as it leaves your body and reconnects with yourself. I love to do this a couple days a day, I call it hitting the pause button. So rather than finding yourself swallowing up in the world around you, just hit that pause button and reconnect with your breath. I promise you will find more peace if you do this!

Lexi Faith