Why You Should Invest in Private Yoga


Investing in private yoga classes are a practical way to improve health, wealth, and well being. Whether you would like to deepen your practice or you prefer to begin your yoga journey in the comfort of your own home, private yoga classes are great for giving yourself the time and space to observe yourself and jumpstart self-healing. Private Yoga classes ensure that you are receiving proper instruction for your unique body type, create a safe space for exploring personal needs, and encourage you to develop more confidence in your practice. Similar to hiring a fitness coach, a dietician, or a therapist, private yoga instructors offer holistic methods to guide you in your self-healing journey, beyond the physical benefits of yoga asana.

Private yoga instruction offers a safe space for sharing any personal health concerns, physical abilities, and spiritual inquiry. Physically, private yoga offers unique guidance in yoga asana, how to use props specific for your body, how to observe yourself in misalignment, and most importantly, how to practice asana safely so you can prevent injuries and honor the body. We each have different body types, whether from birth, injuries, or otherwise. By working with a private yoga instructor, you can disclose any physical needs and receive the personal attention necessary. Doing so will improve your practice, confidence, and awareness of the physical body.

Another important aspect of the yogic path is the yogic diet, which means that your private yoga instructor may be qualified to offer guidance regarding your eating habits, thought patterns, and can offer spiritual guidance from the yogic path they practice. Yoga is a philosophical practice, in which practicing yoga asana is only one of the 8 limbs. Through the combined practice of meditation, breathwork, otherwise known as pranayama, cleansing techniques called kriyas, and yoga asana, a private yoga instructor can curate a practice suited to balance your emotional, physical, or spiritual needs.

Private Yoga instruction will certainly increase your confidence. Starting something new always comes with growing pains, especially when you finally muster up the courage to walk into class and there is a person standing on their head before you’ve even started. Taking a private yoga class ensures that you will grow in your own pace, giving the learning curve ample love and patience, thus increasing your confidence. When you can observe your own body and mind in the practice of yoga, and able to make adjustments according to your own needs, your practice flowers and your light begins to shine.

Investing in a private yoga class is really making an investment in yourself. The best yoga teacher for you will not only teach you how to move in space, or how to practice breath control, but they will teach you how to shine your light and remain in your power. We hold an incredible natural intelligence as humans, which we chip away at through social conditioning. Yoga is the practice of unlearning all that we picked up, so we can come home to our natural, radiant, selves.

I offer one on one sessions both in person and via skype, which offers you the opportunity to increase your self awareness independent of physical adjustments! For bookings contact me here!


Lexi Faith