How Leaving my Job Taught Me What My Vision of Success Is

My vision of success is being a person living fully in alignment with her intuition, her truth. Living in flow comes when we heed those calls and take the risk of security for a life lived in honesty. It is a muscle we must consistently exercise.

How do I know when I am not in my truth?

When my thoughts are negative. Honestly, when I am complaining even if I have no reason to complain. When things are just not working out, over and over again.

Its time to make a change my friend- and listen to that voice in your heart. Even when it makes no sense, even when you don’t know what will come of it. Listen to her, and trust that she is guiding you. No need to fight her, welcome the experiences coming your way as part of the path, not obstacles in the path. The obstacles, my dear, are the path.

I now realize that my vision of success is feeling abundant, feeling free to express myself, feeling valued by myself, and thus, by my community, regardless of where I am in the world. My vision of success is feeling sexy, like a goddess, and feeling in my power creatively. Welcoming these experiences as some of the joys of life, and feeling the joys as deeply as I have felt the sorrows. Once we have space to deeply feel our pain, we also may take the opportunity to have the courage to deeply feel our love. My vision of success includes how I treat life, both within myself and interpersonally. In my vision of success, I treat every single person with deep respect, love, and responsibility. I offer my heart as a companion to those whom are lost, and a hand for those who ask. I intuitively feel those whom need a hand.

My vision of success means trusting, fully, in the universe and her divine play. Letting go of those last bits of control and logic to fully follow my heart and let it lead me home. Listening to her guidance intently, and living in flow state in every moment. This, is what it means to be truly alive in my book. Life is our birthright, so following that which makes us feel truly alive is trust. This does not mean to only follow pleasure, for deep pain and sorrow makes us feel truly alive as well, does it not? However, the ability to welcome, accept, and process these emotions, with full knowledge in their only truth of impermanence is key. So I walk, one step in front of the other, breathing deeply and listening intently, continuously on this path of growth.

Lexi Faith