What Does It Mean To Be An Empowered Woman?


There is a lot of talk these days about “Empowered Women Empower Women,” but what does this really mean? As we step into our power individually as women, we begin to light the way for others. The collective unconscious of women has agreed to play a submissive role in many cultures and societies as an imbalanced expression of feminine energy. Although feminine aspects of the psyche are about receiving, nurturing, and waiting, it isn’t that the feminine is meant to wait for someone or something else. In fact, a balanced feminine expression stays grounded in her essence and observes- an empowered woman watches life around her and maintains stability in her deepest intuitive knowing of who she is. This “waiting” isn’t based in any external gratification. Therefore, an empowered woman observes life around her, and responds to that which comes her way, rather than taking a masculine approach and creating or “making” things happen. Our culturally agreements to be “doing” all the time in order to feel fulfilled, is a sign of an imbalanced masculine aspect in our collective unconscious. All people have equal feminine and masculine aspects, however, this fourth wave of feminism is all about being empowered in our natural, yin, energy. An empowered woman is empowered in her natural state: in relaxation, in her ability to receive, nurture, and stay grounded in her life-giving power.

Being an empowered woman in feminine energy is very different from what we have been socialized to see empowered women as. Up until recently, an empowered woman behaved in the masculine form: she was a go-getter, she could maintain power, money, and status, she created, and she performed as a CEO. However, if an empowered woman is empowered in her masculine form, then what does that say about our collective agreement of what it means to be feminine? Fundamentally, this behavior claims that as women, we still agree that being feminine is unworthy of respect. So long as we claim our power in the form of the masculine, we give the masculine aspects more power. What we give our energy and attention to will grow. This is not to say that the masculine attributes of action are not important: without them, we would not be able to create our intuitive desires in physical reality. However, masculine energy cannot take action without feminine energy, intuitive ability to receive guidance. Socio-culturally, so long as we have agreed as women, to be feminine is somehow less empowered than to be in the masculine, we will constantly be depleting ourselves of our power.

The feminine form is our yin energy, this is the all creative life giving force of the universe. Women have far more natural creative power than men, biologically and spiritually speaking. Although the role of masculine energy is imperative for the feminine to grow and come to life in the physical form, the feminine force in all humans is our creative energy. In Himalayan traditions, we call this force Shakti. Being an empowered woman means to be present in our shakti energy, to nurture, to stay grounded, and to allow life to come to us. The Sri Yantra, an ancient Yogic Yantra (sacred geometry) illustrates a small dot with several triangles surrounding it. This is to show how the empowered feminine works: the universe (the triangles) are created around a still center. The more still we are in our natural, relaxed, state, life naturally comes to us. Of course, with a balanced masculine force within us, we may take inspired, intuitive, action- however, being an empowered woman does not mean that we need to constantly be “in action.” The more relaxed we are, the more we intuitively move through a non-doing. This means that our selves naturally know the next step, as the moment arises, we need not constantly be on the go, but rather, we need to nurture our own inner goddess and relax into her. With this reminder, the shakti power within is amongst people of every sex and gender.

Empowered women empower other women by shining our light, and leading the way through intuitive, inspired, action. Through this state of being, we may live in joy, rather than pleasure- which is fleeting. Through living by our own intuition, we can inspire others to follow their hearts and live through theirs. Each one of us humans has our own unique blueprint, therefore, leading with a set of dogmatic practices that works for every person can be limiting. The paradox of the unity of all human beings, and our innate similarities cross culturally, with the interesting facet of our individuality is one of the aspects of life that defines our humanity. By empowering ourselves in our own individual path, we may light the way for others.

In western cultures, I often hear that women don’t feel connected with or supported by other women. These same women tend to create that reality for themselves: with the self fulfilling prophecy that women don’t support other women. Rather than looking outside for support, what if we began by supporting our own feminine nature? Through gentle awareness, meditation, and deep relaxation, we may dive deep into our intuitive, wild natures, and be the support for other women. By empowering ourselves in our feminine presence, and through our own unique blueprint of consciousness, we automatically have compassion and offer guidance and support to other women. As we release subconscious conditioning through kriyas and meditation, we may begin to relax into our true selves, which is an expansive experience of limitless support for ourselves and others. Empowered women empower other women by reaching out as a sister, holding space for them when they are in need, creating sisterhood, and sharing our authenticity with one another. Honoring others, exchanging our talents, gifts, and unique blueprint with the deep understanding of the unity and sameness amongst us all.

Lexi Faith