Why Go On A Yoga and Arts Retreat in Bali?


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Maybe when you were a kid, you loved to draw, sing, dance, or perform. Over many years, our societal conditioning has lead us away from the creative explorer of life, into a life on autopilot. With this realization, I notice that many of us are waking up to our truth, but are likely unsure of how to transition from a member of society to a full expression of truth. The relevance in yoga in today’s world is profound in that it is offering our fellow brothers and sisters a tool to expand awareness of the physical body, mind, emotions, and energetic body. Combined with practices from creative and expressive arts, we are able to expand not only our awareness, but we can use the arts as a form of self expression to initiate a conversation with our subconscious and dive deep within ourselves.

A yoga and arts retreat offers a week of full immersion into our deepest selves, in which you may leave with a greater sense of your own intuition, your truth, and your purpose as a result. There are many life coaches and programs that will tell you that you have a unique purpose that you need to find, but through the practices of kriya yoga, yoga therapy, and expressive and creative arts therapies, I have found that our purpose is to enjoy life, as the blueprint of our passions is written, and to execute our free will in order to create a life that gives you peace.

The arts are a gift that we have as humans which bring us more into presence and creativity. This ability of remaining creative is one of the superpowers of an expanded sense of awareness. In a creative state, we are able to access non-local knowledge, or intuition, which guides us to our authentic self-expression. Whether it is through music, dance, theater, or fine arts, we are able to tap into our subconscious and create using voice, body, and mind, utilizing our being as an instrument in this life.

Spending a week in the home of the arts and healing arts: Ubud, Bali, will create space in which you can dive deep into your inner work as an artist and a healer. Spending time in a creatively designed eco-sanctuary while you dive deep into your own being sets the space for inspired learning. I have found that the most effective way to learn and grow is when we are inspired, and we begin with the environment around us. Our external world is truly a reflection of the world within us, so as we slowly adjust our senses to the beauty and grace of a safe space with a loving community, the ability to heal and create naturally returns. I see that every human on this planet is both an artist and a healer, the question remains on how to stay this way. At Leela Retreats, where we combine the profound wisdom of the expressive arts with the ancient knowledge of yogis from the Himalayas, bringing you back to your innate wisdom through body, voice, mind, and soul.

Dive deep into your soul while discovering your truth through creative self-expression at our upcoming retreats. Find out more information on yoga and arts Leela Retreats here!

Lexi Faith