Yoga Retreats In Bali vs. Thailand


Yoga Retreats In Bali vs. Thailand

So, you’re about to start your incredible journey of yoga by attending an incredible yoga retreat in an exotic location. You finally narrowed it down to two incredible places, but how do you even begin to choose? Two tropical places with an abundance of fresh food, smiling faces, warm weather, and beautiful beaches. I am here to write about the comparison of the two because I have lived in both Thailand and Indonesia. I have nothing but love for these two places so I’m going to just lay out what to expect and a couple of retreats offered in both locations, just to help you further decide. Please note that these are my opinions and preferences explained out! These are just ideas that you can chew on while making a decision.

Retreats In Indonesia

Welcome to Bali! The land of rice fields, fierce jungles, and incredible Hindu culture. What you can expect on this little island is a plethora of things to do. For an island, it is packed with heaps of activities while also offering some of the most incredible energy for your retreat. There’s beaches, mountain sunrise excursions, rope swings over the jungle, waterfalls, and more. Yoga is one of the 6 Hindu philosophical paths, which makes Bali an incredible place to immerse yourself into the culture yoga “came” from, if you don’t feel ready to go to India. The people here are absolutely so lovely and I truly feel I could dive deep into a teacher training here.

Some Indonesia retreats:

Art of Life:

Bali Trees:

The Inside World: Transformational Yoga and Reiki Retreat:

The Inside World: Kriya Yoga and Arts Retreat:

Retreats In Thailand

Thailand is very similar with the environmental vibe, but there is something special about this place that I called home. Specifically, there is an amazing retreat center in Koh Samui, an island north of Surat Thani, that houses a very special retreat center called Vikasa where they have the most divine food, views, and energy. Thailand is gorgeous but hands down the best place for a yoga retreat. The country, unfortunately, lives off tourism so unlike Bali, it’s a little more saturated with guests. That’s why if you can find a center that takes that away — you’ll find yourself so utterly blissed out! Thailand has its special gems and when you find them, you’ll never want to leave.

Be Yogi Body and Soul:

Pure Flow:

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