Yoga Retreat Close To Home Or Away?


Congratulations! You have officially started your journey to reconnect with yourself and joining a yoga retreat could not be a better place to start! These days, there are a plethora of retreats in the world. Ranging from yoga and surf, workshops, meditation immersions, and more. The creativity behind yoga retreats has skyrocketed through the roof, meaning so have questions. It’s hard to decide on a yoga retreat but there is one major and reoccurring question people have — do I travel or stay close to home? As someone who has done both options, I want to explain to you why this might be a good chance for you to break out of your routine and go explore the world a little while still inviting a deep sense of reconnection within your own self.

Compare The Prices

Most retreats will always be the same price, assuming you’re looking a week-long trip. Let’s say you live in California and there is a yoga retreat for $2,300 for one full week of accommodation, food, activities, and more. It’s completely all inclusive except you already live in California. You will have to drive to the destination to spend the exact same amount as if you were staying abroad, say someplace like Thailand. For the exact same price, you can travel outside of the country with an all-inclusive resort on a beautiful island with exotic energy. So just be sure you’re comparing the price. If you’re staying local, do not pay the same price as if you were going abroad!

Hit The Pause Button

The reason why I believe you should go away is because leaving the country and leaving your day to day routine will cause you to drift away from your old habits. It’s good to pull yourself away from any schedule or routine that you have — especially because it’s not something that we do often! If you are in a routine at home, it’s time to go. Another thing is that when you’re away from home, it causes you to see the home within yourself. I have been traveling for sixteen months now and I have never felt more at home. Granted sometimes I miss where I come from, but being abroad has made me cleanse myself and be comfortable with parts of myself that I was so distant from…which now leads us to my final point, fear.

Go Into The Fear

Fear is the mind-killer and I promise that if you create a habit of submitting to the fear, your life will be dictated by this constant mental block. I call it the phantom fear. But if you start creating habits of going into the fear and pushing past through any resistance that you may have, you’ll notice more and more things open up for you. Things become less and less scary! And jumping into a retreat where you will be so utterly safe is a great place to start. You will usually have airport transfer, someone will be speaking in a universal language, and everything is all taken care of. Jumping into the unknown of a yoga retreat is the epitome of a safe and good time! So take that risk, you deserve it!

Lexi Faith