How to Eat According to the Yogic Diet


Did you know that diet is one of the most important aspects of Yoga? Ancient yogis experienced that we truly are what we eat, and what we choose to fill our bodies with can shift our experience from the cellular level. Yogis understood that the energy that we put into our body is what we create our physical and energetic body from, so eating clean, plant-based foods is a must. The healing powers of tumeric, how to eat a yogic diet, and consistent practice of listening to your body and trusting when it is hungry and when it is full are all ways to eat according to the yogic diet.

You Are What You Eat

If you do eat meat, do you know the experience of the animal while it was living? Or perhaps, do you know how it transitioned? Do you know it’s emotional state? Whether one believes that plants are sentient beings or not, e v e r y t h i n g is energy-in-motion, or, emotion. For those that consume animal products, the emotional state of the animal during its’ life is so important because this energy is going to be processed in your body too. Although yogis do have curd, also known as yoghurt, and ghee, which is clarified butter, cows in India are treated like royalty, which affects their emotional state during their lives, and thus, create a higher-vibration of milk for people to consume. Although I personally do not take dairy, and there is a fair argument for how the cows in India have been eating more trash and less grass, this aspect of the yogic diet was discovered thousands of years ago. As times change, individuals can choose to take dairy or not, however an important takeaway is to be aware of how the food you are consuming lived its' life, and it's energetic makeup because of it.

If you are eating a plant-based diet, it is important to still understand the energetic state of the plants which you are consuming. According to ancient yogis, plants are conscious, and therefore, they experience energy-in-motion. Depending on how plants are grown and treated, the vibrational frequency and their healing powers can be altered, which is known amongst most indigenous and ancient communities working with the earth. These frequencies are what then work to make up our cellular structure, so by eating foods that have been treated and prepared with love, you are eating according to the yogic diet. In fact, the love they receive is sometimes more important than what the actual food is, because that energy is profoundly healing.

Healing Powers of Turmeric

Anywhere in India, people eat turmeric several times a day, as it is integrated into local cuisine. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory medicine which increases gut and brain health, heals injuries, and even increases mood, due to decreasing inflammation in the brain. The list of health benefits of turmeric can go on and on, but important thing to recognize is to simply add it to your diet and openly receive the results.

Listening to Your Body

The habit of over-eating, eating while socializing, or not recognizing what your body needs, is a result of living in a fast paced society, completely driven by your mind. Through yoga and meditation, we can learn to slow down, and listen to our bodies. Knowing when to eat, when to stop eating, and what your body intuitively wants and needs is vital to living a life in integrity with your intuition.

Lexi Faith