Leela Retreat

Leela Retreat: A Yoga and Expressive Arts Experience, February 12-19, Ubud, Bali


“Leela” in Sanskrit means “the divine play,” referring to the cosmic theater we live in on a daily basis. By following our joy, we may play in this world and create the life we want to live, rather than abiding by the rules from an outdated script. This retreat is for accessing our inner joy through playfulness, connection, creativity, meditation and yoga.

Sattva Yoga, which is a Tantric-Kundalini Yoga Practice Lexi learned while living in the Himalayas, is a deeply profound spiritual journey that you will have the opportunity of experiencing while on this retreat.

This retreat is for you if you want to go deep into your own spiritual journey, have the guidance while you experience who you really are, and learn the tools to continue your journey at home in your own self practice. These practices are not your average yoga class, they are an intensive yoga journey inwards into your own energetic being.

Along with local vegan food to nourish the body, and Sattva Yoga Journeys with Ancient Tantric Rituals to expand the mind, heart, and soul, this is an experience you will NOT want to miss!

By combining Tantric and Vedantic Kundalini Yogic Techniques, Meditation from the Spiritual Masters of the Himalayas, Yoga Therapy, freedom movement and dance, character analysis and development from Drama Therapy used to invoke our highest selves, Leela Retreats create a safe space for creativity and self expression.

In the play As You Like It, by WiLliam Shakespeare, Jacques exclaims, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;”

These techniques allow us to realign with our bodies, our voices, and our imagination to connect, play, and creatively relate from a place of love and wisdom that exists within us all.


I would LOVE to answer your questions about what to expect at the Leela Retreat!


Sound intriguing? here is exactly what you can expect at a yoga and expressive arts retreat

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Kriya Yoga and Yoga Therapy

Dive deep into the transformational practice of Kriya Yoga and Yoga Therapy! Kriya Yoga incorporates mantras, breathwork, ensemble techniques, freedom movement, and yoga asana to clear emotional and physical blockages for a life a freedom. Yoga Therapy is derived from the teachings of BKS Iyengar, Hatha Yoga, and Physiotherapy to teach you how to develop a greater sense of self awareness in the body.


Creatively Designed Expressive Arts Therapies

We will dive deep into the profound practices of the group theater, using techniques from the Meisner Technique, Stella Adler’s Methods, and more, to become masters of the body, mind, and spirit, and live a life created from love. Practiced individually, with partners, and in a group setting, you will discover the magic of communication through intention and expressive arts with the sacred practice of Kriya Yoga.


1000 RYT Yoga Master, Actor & Artist, Lexi Faith

Lexi lived in India over 2 years studying nearly every style of yoga, as well as several styles of Buddhist Meditation Practices; which she incorporates with her background studying theater at several of the top Theater and Arts schools in NYC, in a completely original modality of healing she is sharing at the Leela Retreats.


Does This Sound like what you have been dreaming of?


What We Will Explore:

  • Tantric Kundalini Kriyas, using mantra, breathwork, and repetitive movements to generate electricity and shift our energetic field within minutes.

  • Yoga Therapy techniques modified for your unique body type, designed to allow you to reconnect with your instrument in this cosmic theater of life.

  • Freedom Movement and Connection: Learn to communicate nonverbally, through dance, touch, and partnerwork, and work as an ensemble.

  • Character Development: Using techniques from the Masters of the Group Theater, Stanislavsky, Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, and Sanford Meisner, we will tap into our imagination, life experiences, and present “dramas” in our current daily scripts and apply them to simple AB scenes, giving us the opportunity to release our energy and stored emotions around the stories we have told ourselves within the safety of the script. Afterwards, we will revisit these personal scripts and redirect our emotional energy we we learned in the yogic techniques, to respond to these situations from a place of highest wisdom and love.

7 days, 6 nights in Ubud, Bali

Rahasia Manis Creative Eco-Sanctuary

Price: $2399


  • 3 vegan meals per day

  • Expressive Arts Workshops (theater, dance, music, writing, fine arts)

  • Optional massage, reiki treatments, tarot reading

  • Daily Yoga, Meditation, and Sacred Rituals

Calling in all intuitives, creatives, yogis and artists, who would like to incorporate a sense of play while inviting deep transformation.




Lexi’s knowledge of yoga, personal growth, spiritual affairs, art, and activism inspires me so much ❤️ Definitely go to any class or workshop she teaches if you have a chance! She’s a true creative spirit and beautiful soul. She’s great at creating a safe space for expression and has been helping me move beyond my limitations and trauma. She’s extremely knowledge about the traditions of yoga - has been studying it for years in ashrams in India but has her own unique twist to it. Highly recommend going to her! - Cheyenne Diaz


Lexi has one of the most loving, open and kind hearts I have been blessed to meet. Her feminine nurturing essence covers you with love, compassion and acceptance. Her strong character inspires you to take actions and to be your best self. She is a role model woman, dear friend and inspiring human being. - Iryna Oksaniuk

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