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The Universe is at play. Divine Play. And you are a part of it. Many women have lost touch with this natural, powerful way of being and have forgotten we are here to celebrate life! We need not be restricted by the roles or expectations set upon us by the external world. We need not remain lost in the fears, hesitations, and insecurities of the little girl inside us.

In fact, we may all relax into who we truly are- guided by our highest selves, intuitively in touch with our greatest well-being.

As they say, the only way out is in.

Into your intuition- where all wisdom, creativity, and bliss lives. How do you even start? How can you tell the difference between the fearful voices in your mind, and the strong, wild, powerful intuition that lives beneath, waiting to express herself?

Through coaching, Reiki Healing, Yogic and Tantric practices from the Himalayas, plant based and ayurvedic guidance, and expressive arts therapies, let’s work together to DIVE DEEP and open you up to your intuitive power!

Sessions are available online and in-person when permitting


Does This Sound Like You?

you are beginning to realize there may be more to life than what you have been living.
in fact, you can feel it.

That’s why you are reading Brene Brown books, listening to TEDx Talks by Gabrielle Bernstein, Regena Thomashaur, and Marianne Williamson. Perhaps your weekly yoga classes are beginning to bring more emotions up to the surface rather than the downward facing dog your body loves to move into.

You can sense that there is more for you to live in this life, yet you aren’t quite sure where to start. This is where I come in.

Sister, the truth is, your soul already knows what it desires. The practice is to clear space around any conditioning that led you astray, so that you may begin feeling into her and trusting her guidance.


When you fully live from your intuition, you know what to do next because you trust your feeling.

Your intuition doesn’t question what it’s purpose is, it simply lives it. The mind-fog of doubt, fear, scarcity, and insecurity is lifted, and you can take relevant, correct action in your life. Timing works, things FLOW, because you are deeply connected to yourSELF.

The truth is, we already ARE, we have only created limitations blocking us from fully living this reality.

Although you may not know if you have fully awakened in your intuition, you may be able to feel the effects of not listening to it, such as:

Spending THOUSANDS of dollars on a degree that you will never end up actually using because you let fear and obligation lead the way and never got around to figuring out what your HEART wanted.

Losing yourself in a relationship that went on way too long, and then feeling embarrassed about the time you wasted with someone you knew wasn’t right for you.

Buying a product or a course with the intention to start your “next big thing,” but losing momentum once you have started.

Snapping at your partner, or isolating yourself from your relationships because you’re walking around in a perpetual state of overwhelm.

Watching your work performance slide slowly into the toilet as you care less and less about this job that you once hoped would feel so right.

Putting others’ needs before yours AGAIN and AGAIN because it’s easier to use your relationships as an excuse instead of launching your own damn dream.

Relying on a job, relationship or some external “other” to validate you enough so that you can believe in yourself to follow your heart’s true desire.

I don’t say these things to scare you, I offer them as guideposts of your intuition. Even when we make choices out of alignment, our intuition tells us through our emotions. It is my job to guide you through coaching and ancient yogic practices to begin to listen to that inner voice, and follow her every step of the way.

why? because we both know it matters- to live a life we have always dreamed of!

okay, sounds great but how do I know that I will actually experience a change?

You’ll change because you will learn to make better choices for yourself, based on feeling. You’ll change because with every decision you make based on your intuition, this muscle will get stronger and stronger until it becomes second nature.

The truth is, we all know what we want, and I am here to guide you back to that empowered place of remembering what that is.

By integrating the practices of meditation, yogic diet, reiki, art therapy, and Sattva Yoga, you will begin to overcome the fear based conditioning on autopilot in your mind, and live fully embodied in awareness. 

how it works

We will start with a reiki session, in which you will likely experience deep relaxation, and I tune into the intuitive space of healing and receive messages and guidance based on your unique energy field. From here, we can go deeper into coaching, energy healing, and dietary changes to shift in order to realign your energetic field. When we are clear from energy blockages it is much easier to hear our intuition and trust it.


What you will Receive:


Reiki Healing

Reiki healing works both via distance healing and in person. In this process, you will feel deeply relaxed, in a meditative state, or asleep. As the facilitator, my process is that I receive intuitive guidance based on your akashic record, and from there, we can connect and work through any blockages in your energy field through coaching, holistic guidance, energy healing, meditation and tantric kriya yoga techniques.


intuitive Life Coaching

You know you are here for a greater purpose, but you still find yourself asking your girlfriends or your partner for guidance.

No matter how many times you listen to Jay Shetty’s videos, read mindbodygreen, or meditate, you still can’t seem to differentiate between the fearful voice and the wise woman voice from deep within.

I am here as a guide to help you access your intuition and live by it, fully in trust. Although I offer techniques that help you access your intuition and unblock any limitations you have set for yourself, only YOU know what you need to do. Through this process, you will find your way back home to your wise, intuitive nature.

You know the answers you are looking for are within, I simply act as a guide for you.


Yoga, Meditation, and Tantric Techniques

Together, we will create a sadhana curated for YOU. Through the practice of Sattva Yoga, you will learn the ancient tantric techniques of Kriya Yoga, along with yoga therapy, pranayama, and meditation personalized for YOU. These techniques, when practiced with clear dedication, will absolutely transform your life and offer you the path to leading your life intuitively.


Plant-based nutritional and ayurvedic guidance

In yoga, we deeply value the saying: “you are what you eat.” We have a “second brain” in our gut, which means that what is in our stomach can directly affect our mental and emotional health. Learning to eat according to our ayurvedic constitution can shift our mental and emotional wellbeing, and detoxify our bodies so that our intuitive nature can guide our lives.


Expressive Arts

The arts are the pathway to our intuition, this is the way to understanding who we naturally are, and offer a space of self expression that works for everyone, of any capability. We use the arts such as free-writing, painting, drawing, music, theater, and dance, to reconnect to our natural abilities. Through this process, we can develop a greater sense of self-worth, unique self-expression, and begin to let our intuition guide our lives.


intuitive coaching includes:

Reiki channeling session

1:1 intuitive life coaching, including yogic dietary guidance
a personalized yoga practice, including kriya, yoga therapy, and meditation
intuitive expressive arts guidance

unlimited email support


the Investment:

simple plan: 1 month, weekly sessions : $1000

deep dive: 3 months, weekly sessions: $2500


Lexi Friend 1.png

Lexi is a beautiful soul sister of mine and has the upmost respect and love for her world and the world around her. She is constantly hunting for personal growth and always finds time to console me no matter what! Her knowledge is impeccable and her devotion and continuous dedication to healing is simply profound. Working with her and just existing in her life has been a blessing! - Maddie Phillips

Lexi Friend 2.png

Lexi is one of those souls that gets deep into your heart
she has so much curiosity and love in what she does, always learning and exploring different pathes that help her grow and be the incredible person and teacher that she is, she has the knowledge from different schools and experiences, she has the passion to share it, and she is so honest and true to herself and others. I recommend her as a teacher, and as a beautiful soul to have in your life - Atalia Galina


After traveling outside of the US for the first time and navigating a massive transformational retreat here in Bali, I found myself quite overwhelmed with the major shifts and my nervous system was greatly stressed as a result.

Through divine synchronicity, I was placed in contact with Lexi for her Reiki services and she MASSIVELY supported my integration into this new timeline. The session was very gentle in nature and Lexi embodies a very powerful charge that I could feel as she shifted energy through my body. I found myself gradually drifting deeper and deeper into surrender, as my nervous system calmed and my mind became clear.

After the session, Lexi delivered some very potent transmissions from Source that have been supporting me along my pathway ever since the session. If you’re looking for a conscious, heart-centered, and loving soul to support you here in Bali then I seriously can not recommend Lexi enough!!! What you will receive far exceeds the investment you will make.
- Kevin Dallas