Deepen your yoga practice while meeting new friends,

exploring new places, and rediscovering who you truly are.

Benefits Include:

  • three healthy vegan meals per day

  • 7 days and 6 nights at a luxury eco-sanctuary in Bali

  • Dive into the Practice of Yoga as it has been passed down for over 5000 years, from a RYT 1000 Yoga Leader and more!


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Private At-Home Yoga

Deepen your yoga, meditation, pranayama, and/or kriya practice

designed for your unique body type!
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60 minutes - 90 minutes for 1-2 Persons

Sliding Scale $85-$200 USD 

Package rates are available for groups and individuals,


intuitive empowerment guidance

Available In Person and Online

Benefits Include:

  • one on one intuitive life coaching

  • techniques from expressive arts therapies, kriya yoga, yoga therapy, ayurveda, plant based nutrition advice, and more

  • a personalized morning yoga practice uniquely designed for YOU

60 minutes minutes per session
Offered now for only $1999 USD!

optional retreat Package: includes a 10 Days Intensive
(2 sessions per day)
please contact for more details


Reiki Healing Sessions

60 minutes   
$75 USD

3 sessions: $200

  • Reiki is a form of energy healing which can shift the energetic, emotional, and mental state to one of relaxation.

  • Reiki can heal mental/emotional wounds and can help alleviate emotional blockages, mood swings, frustration, or anger.

  • Reiki can also strengthen and heal personal relationships.

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Reiki Attunements

Level 1: 2 full days                                        $250 USD
Level 2: 2 full days                                        $300 USD
Level 3 (Master Level): 3 full days             $450 USD

Package rates available for groups and individuals

  • For you if you would like to develop your intuitive healing ability and
    empower yourself to utilize the universal life force energy of Reiki.

  • The Master Level is for those that would like to utilize the full power of the Reiki Symbols and their energy, and teach it to others. 

Each day lasts about 6-8 hours, with a break for lunch, and includes local organic tea.
Attunements are In-Person only.


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