Live Your Masterpiece

Transform your life using an ancient integrative approach to yoga from the Himalayan Masters, with the creative powers that lie within the art of authentic self-expression.

Transform yourself from the inside, out.

Lexi Faith is a Teacher of the Path, which includes techniques from 15 years of experience studying and teaching several styles of yoga, including yoga therapy, kriya yoga, mantra, pranayama, breathwork, and meditation, theater and expressive arts, bodywork and energy healing. She works with clients to create a personal sadhana, or yoga practice, to cultivate a strong personal relationship with oneself. Along with holistic nutrition and Ayurveda, with these techniques we can transform ourselves from the inside, out.


  • 1:1 Coaching and Creating a Personal Practice

  • Reiki Healing Sessions

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Supplementary Yoga Retreat Facilitator

  • Yoga and Expressive Arts Workshops and Retreats

  • Commissioned Fine Arts Pieces

Benefits of Creating a Personal meditation practice:

  • Discipline: Whether it is solely with kriyas, yoga asana, meditation, or a combination of all 8 limbs of yoga, creating a personal practice and sticking with it every day builds self discipline, which creates an inner glow and a strong energetic field. Developing discipline in self-care creates a new standard in the ability to

  • Commitment: committing to a practice, even if it is 10 minutes per day, shows that you are prioritizing your spiritual evolution, which optimizes emotional, mental, and creative growth.

  • Evolution: Growth is a major element in what makes us a l i v e. By dedicating yourself to a personal practice on the path of self-growth, you are choosing to live truly a l i v e.

  • Tejas: Tapas (consistent practice) produces Tejas (inner glow). Through consistent practice, we are able to transcend the tricks of the ego and tap into our highest potential as creative beings.

Join the Evolution and Let’s meditate!

What people are saying about Lexi:


“During Lexi’s class I felt a sense of solitude (a connection to myself), and at the same time, a sense of community (a connection to the people in the room). Lexi achieves this through her inclusiveness, patience, gentle inquiries and suggestions, adjustments, and unwavering kindness and laughter.”      —-Shane Alpert, Yoga Student


“I was lucky enough to receive private lessons from Lexi in the town of Pisac, Peru, where she was teaching. She taught with confidence and calm words, and she showed me things about my body and my energy that I really needed– and was unaware of! Before I met Lexi, I had practiced yoga for about six months. Now, almost a year later, I still embody the teachings and the benefits of those private sessions with her. She obviously has abundant experience, and really knows how to teach!”   — Nuri Cappai, Private Yoga Student


Is there anything more valuable than human evolution?

Are you an artist looking for a way to boost your creativity?

Between work, family, and a personal life, do you feel disconnected with your soul's purpose?

do you feel depleted in energy, fatigued by obsessive thoughts, or otherwise not living to your potential?

Do you feel like everything on the outside looks, amazing, but your heart is yearning for something deeper?

Creating a personal yoga and meditation practice is key to increasing vitality, creativity, self discipline, and self love- key elements to self mastery and creating the life we have always wanted. 

Many of us get stuck in a rut, frustrated, or feel creatively blocked. Although we were once young, innovative, free-thinkers, our lack of connection to our inside world has led us to the same repetitive patterns which block our creativity and stifle our growth. My one on one sessions and retreats are designed with your body, lifestyle, dietary needs, and overall personality in mind, because a practice that has profound effects is the one you like to do everyday. Blocked creativity is a symptom of a deeper misalignment in our energetic systems. By mastering the body through yoga asana and ones' energy levels with kriyas and breathwork, we are able to realign our nadis (energy channels) which can shift our thoughts and emotions, leading us to reconnect with our intuition and live the life we have always wanted.

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